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We understand that creating a great

Main Street is key to a thriving economy.

We believe small businesses are the key

to that economy and are at the heart of positive change in our communities.

A change fewer and fewer seem to achieve. Not due to a lack of hard work, innovation or purpose.


It is all too often that a small brand, startup, or pop-up in need of increased revenue undertakes too many unnecessary responsibilities. New items get added to the menu, things get added to the inventory, new services get offered, elements that do not necessarily align with their purpose and, ultimately, the brand. Sometimes in our enthusiasm to grow, expand, or even survive, we forget who we are and what we offer our customers. All this can lead to the brand becoming diluted and ultimately to a lack of trust.

Collective&Main seeks to provide small businesses with tools to streamline their brand, solidify their vision, and accomplish their overall purpose.


Our accessible, streamlined, and experience informed approach helps small businesses thrive by sharing their unique stories in a consistent, branded manner that resonates with their customers and helps them thrive and grow the communities they serve.

Let's design Main Street together. or 646.408.0837

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